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Make Your Own Taco Bowls With A Muffin Tin

Emily Bites has a tip for making your own Taco Bowls with a muffin tin. The trick is to turn the muffin tin over and use the backside to cook the bowls in. The 6-inch tortillas form mini-bowls that way. From the site:

Sprinkle each tortilla lightly with water and stack them on a plate. Cover the top with another plate turned upside down and microwave the tortillas for 1 minute or until warm. Turn two 12 cup muffin pans upside down. Mist each side of a tortilla lightly with cooking spray and center it in the space between 4 muffin cups, creating a bowl. Repeat with the 5 remaining tortillas, forming 3 bowls on each tin (as pictured above). Bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes.
Once you have the taco bowls, you can fill them with vegetables, ground beef, shredded cheese, and other ingredients for your own taco salads.



06/05/2012 9:53am

First, let me begin this comment by saying that I truly love to cook/bake. Some would say that I have a fascination w/ recipes after seeing my collection of books, magazines as well as the many strays that I collect along the way from family and sites such as this. Now, w/ that being said, I based my grocery shopping around several recipes posted on this site.. these Taco Bowls were the first on the recipe list and I fed nine people by adding refried beans and my spicy rice (which is only termed that because of the taco seasoning, usually made w/ a beef or chicken to fill soft taco's.) They were a huge hit! I love this site! I have since made the Loaded Potato and Buffalo Chicken Casserole (which was also a huge hit for my family of 4/5. I halved the spices and hot sauce so that the childrena and I could tolerate it and it was perfect) and tonight it's Breakfast in the Crockpot :)

06/05/2012 4:38pm

Yay! Glad you are enjoying the site! be sure to like us on facebook and follow on twitter...tell your friends too! Thanks so much Leah!


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