_When April Rhodes and her husband started their diet they learned to make several recipe swap outs. Here are three of their favorites!
Apple sauce for oil - When a recipe calls for oil we put unsweetened applesauce in place of it. I keep the little containers on hand that don't need refrigeration and they are the perfect size.

Low fat plain yogurt for sour cream - We replaced sour cream with low fat plain yogurt. It is a little thinner but has so much more taste to it. Now when I get real sour cream it seems bland!

Low calorie/carb flour burrito shells for crust - You can replace pizza crust and pie crust with a flour burrito shell. For a pie crust place in pie dish and bake till crisp then add your ready filling. We use the sugar free puddings and you could eat the whole pie and it be less calories than a slice of regular pie!

(Submitted by April Rhodes, BL4M Member from Jackson, Missouri)


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