Our family just experienced one of the most exciting miracles during the past 3 weeks.  I wanted to share this with all of you, for two reasons.  First I want you to see how God is still in the business of answering those prayers of faith and second to remind you of the power that comes from believing in miracles.

The picture here is of Blythe Andrews, my sweet grandchild from Tulsa.  She was bitten on her tiny finger by a brown recluse spider over the Memorial Day weekend.  (If you have never seen the results of this type of bite, go here and there are pictures of Blythe's progression.)   She was seen by Emergency Room Doctors, Pediatricians, Infectious Disease Doctors and nurses trying to determine what the best route was, and what they were dealing with in her treatment.  At one point, it was determined that there would be irreparable damage to her because the bite was so close to her tendons. 

  Each day the finger looked worse and her parents had been told that it would look a lot worse before it got better.  It was during one of the bandage changes that they just thought there was something wrong, so they rushed her to the emergency room where she was admitted and started on a heavy regimen of antibiotics through an IV.  It was discovered that she not only had a dangerous staff infection, she had another bacterial infection in her wound that they had not seen before.

Even though the prognosis was not what we wanted at the time, we were praying along with so many other people for a miracle in Blythe's life, and God was faithful.  Many prayed in faith believing that she would be totally healed and she was.  She will have a slight scar, but with age...it will probably never even be seen.

God is so good!



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