"Ardent, often selfless affection and dedication, as to a person or principle."  (online dictionary) Every time I start to write this post, I keep going back in my head to a song that Olivia Newton John sang in the movie, Grease...."Hopelessly Devoted To You."  Olivia is singing  about a lady whose life has been turned upside-down by someone that she has loved with all of her heart.  She is hopelessly devoted to him even though this man...the love of her life is not giving her the time of day.  She has decided that she's willing to sit around and wait for him, because for some reason she feels as though she has no choice because of the love and devotion she has for this man.

Imagine having that type of devotion for God.  A song written about total devotion to God would be different though.  This type of love and devotion for God brings hope to your life.  It would need to be titled "Full of Hope and Devoted to You"  When you place your faith and devotion in The Father, the Keeper of your Heart...you have a life full of hope.  There is no sitting around wondering if He loves you...He proved that love when He gave His life for you.  Our devotion comes from a deep faith and trust in God's love.

Watch where your devotions are spent.  Spend them wisely!



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