Is this a hard thing for you to do?  I'll tell you right up front , in my life, it takes a concentrated effort daily  to stay positive.  I wish I could tell you that I had that negative attitude all under control.  But, in all honesty, I can't make that statement.  This doesn't mean that when it rears it's ugly head, I have to give into it.  It means that I recognize it and decide in my head and heart that I'm NOT gonna let a negative spirit win.

So what is a person to do in such a negative place?  My first advise would be to tell you to stay away from negative people and situations, but then again, that can sometimes be impossible.  You may find that you are the only positive person in your negative workplace.  That's a tough place to be in, but not impossible...just a little more hard "work".  I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, realizing that I don't totally know their situation before they stepped into the workplace.  When things are rough for some people, because of their attitude and situation, it just gets worse for them instead of better. 

Being in this negative culture has caused us to be in the school of thought that everything bad happens in threes.   I've been guilty of that....for instance I remember when Farrah Faucett died, that very day Michael Jackson died...what was the first thing out of my mouth?  "I wonder who is next?  Everything happens in threes!"  And sure enough, the next thing you know...Ed McMahon died.  Could it be that we are just looking for the other two and therefore we find them?   The thing is everyone comes to a place in their lives when they have to face wasn't some cosmic craziness.  I'm sure some other people met their Maker during that time....does that mean trouble comes in fours and fives? 

So what's my point?  I truly believe that life is what you make it.  You can "count it all joy" no matter what difficulty you may be going through.  I know some of you right now are saying...but wait a minute...what about when you lose someone you love?  I remember when my first love "my daddy" passed away.  I was so sad, but in the midst of that sadness a smile came across my face when I heard his favorite song being sung.  Because no matter how sad I was to see him go (and I was really sad), I KNEW beyond a doubt that he would never want to leave where he was because the happiness here could never compare the the joy he was feeling there.

When you are faced with making your way through a negative workplace (or anyplace for that matter) here are a few suggestions...that have helped me along the way -

1.) Understand that you are not responsible for how other people are responsible for you
2.) Be happy within yourself - your relationship with Your Maker will help you with this "let this mind be in you..."
3.) Be positive even when you don't "feel" like could turn your day around.
4.) Be thankful for the things that are yours, not unhappy for what you don't have
5.) When you can tell that you are giving in to the negative feelings...think the opposite and see what happens.

If you have been used to thinking's that working for ya? 

Start today to consciously NOT conform to the world's negativity, but be transformed by changing your perspective.  (not Pollyanna, just positive)