"I have never met a person I didn't like!"  That is a quote by Will Rogers that I think can be tweaked a little to say...I have never met a person that didn't make a mistake.  We need to keep that in mind in dealing with other people.  Everyone messes up sometimes, and we are judged by the way we judge others. 

Let's think about the kinds of mistakes that are a possibility  ...

1.) There are mistakes that are just completely accidental...what we might consider "dumb" mistakes.  For instance, the other day I had waited a little longer than I should have to head to the bathroom, it felt like my bladder was going to explode. (I know TMI) I got up from my chair and hurried to make it in time.  On the way there, I made the "dumb" mistake of not looking where I was going and stubbed my toe on the foot stool and wow...the consequences from that mistake were immediate.  Next day...purple and blue toe.
2.) There are mistakes of basically being forgetful.  If you make the mistake of writing more checks than you have money in the account...you are overdrawn and the consequence are those unbelievable overdraft charges.  Or if you have a brain fart and don't pay your electric bill (repeatedly) ...those lights are going out!
3.)There are mistakes that you are aware of...yet takes effort on your part to not make them.  If you love Big Macs or Whoppers and fries...you can't make the mistake of thinking you can eat a steady diet of these and not have either weight or health issues.  Or lets say you make the mistake of charging up your credit cards for what you think are "good" reasons and then you end up going bankrupt because you don't have enough money coming in to pay what you owe.
4.) The mistake of listening to or trusting the wrong people.  This happens to a lot of folks...they don't recognize at the time that this person is leading them astray until something happens.  It could mean just hanging with the wrong crowd for a time and getting caught up in what they are doing.
5.) The mistakes that are the most difficult are those that involve hurting other people.  These are mistakes that you look back on and wish you could change.  The mistake has already taken place, and as you realize that you have hurt other people...you ask for their forgiveness and once you have done that then you have to do something that is really difficult from some people...Forgive Yourself!

Regardless of the Category of the mistake...we have all had those moments in our lives when we made a a bad choice we call a mistake.  It could be a small one or a colossal one that causes us to go through lots of pain.  Either way, we need to remember it to the degree that it helps us to be understanding of other people's faults.  But we shouldn't remember it to the point of being in a constant state of guilt...we have to move past that guilt to forgiveness from ourselves and others.  Notice that I said to forgive ourselves before I said others....that was on purpose (it wasn't a "mistake").  If you can't forgive yourself...how can you expect others to forgive ya?  Some will, but others won't.  Go figure!

I'm sure there are other mistake categories...I'll probably even think of a few as I post this...the reason we make mistakes?  Nobody's perfect!  Not even you!