This is the first day to present the link "Your Daily Best"! 

When you wake up every morning, how do you see your day?  Is it something that you dread or something you look forward to?  Is it just another day of going to work, putting in your hours and getting in rush hour traffic to get home?  Is it a day filled with dirty diapers, questions, and cleaning?  Are you wishing you could have a good attitude transplant or do you deal with difficult characters all day that need one?  Just know that regardless of your are not alone.  There are folks out there just like you who need encouragement, and want the best for their lives.  Since none of us are perfect, having a source that helps us with our imperfect lives is (as Martha Stewart says...) a good thing.

My desire for this YDB is to give you something that will serve as a positive daily "encouragement vitamin" to influence your day.  Since I am someone that has had my share of experiences...I will draw on those as well as from other folks to give you a quick encouraging story to start your day. 

Tell your friends to come to YDB everyday for their encouragement!  If a particular story touches you, be sure to comment and share it on facebook and twitter (with the hashtag #YDB).